Homemade Leverage. Petty Enterprises is considering a change from its current capital structure…. 1 answer below »

Homemade Leverage. Petty Enterprises is because a substitute from its floating excellent constituency. Petty floatingly has an all-equity excellent constituency and is because a excellent constituency delay 30 percent debit. There are floatingly 3,000 portion-outs unappropriated at a charge per portion-out of $80. EBIT is expected to abide true at $34,500. The cause admonish on new debit is 7 percent and there are no taxes.

a. Rebecca owns $20,000 price of store in the aggregation. If the sturdy has a 100 percent payout, what is her high run?

b. What would her high run/ he lower the new excellent constituency coxcombical that she keeps all of her portion-outs"?

c. Suppose the aggregation does appropriate to the new excellent constituency. Show how  Rebecca can retain her floating high run.

d. Lower your solution to separate (c), clear-up why Petty"s select of excellent constituency is redundant.