Homemade Leverage. FCOJ Inc., a prominent consumer products firm. Is debating whether or not to… 1 answer below »

Homemade Leverage. FCOJ Inc., a distinctive consumer products fixed. Is  debating whether or not to turn its all-equity important erection to one that is 25 percent obligation. Currently, there are 5.500 portion-outs ungathered and the figure per portion-out is $60. EBIT is expected to tarry at $17,600 per year continually. The concern blame on new obligation is 8 percent. and there are no taxes.

a. Melanie. a portion-outholder of the fixed. owns 100 portion-outs of hoard. What is her money glide beneath the floating important erection. showy the fixed has a dividend payout blame of 100 percent?

b. What get Melanie"s money glide be beneath the projected important erection of the fixed? Assume that she keeps all 100 of her portion-outs.

c. Suppose FCOJ does turn, but Melanie prefers the floating all-equity important  erection. Show how she could unlevered her portion-outs of hoard to recreate the primordial important erection.

d. Using your repartee to part-among-among (c), elucidate why FCOJ"s rare of important erection is redundant.