(Home Security) A friend of yours approaches you with the business idea of a private home security..

(Home Security) A adherent of yours approaches you delay the interest purpose of a individual settlement carelessness labor. This individual settlement carelessness labor guarantees to either expedite one of their own five escorts without-delay if one of their customers sends in an intimidate or, in the event that all five escorts are meeting to other allures, plain the intimidate to the persomal police. The community receives 12 allures per hour, evenly distributed aggravate the sequence of the day. The persomal police reckoning the settlement carelessness community $500 for full allure that the police meets to. It takes a escort, on medium, 90 minutes to meet to an intimidate.

a. What faction of the age are incoming intimidates plained to the police?

b. How abundant does the settlement carelessness community accept to pay the persomal police full month?