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Final Assignment: Interest reverberation

Weight: 40%

Due: 10 June 2015

Length: 3000 words

Task: You accept recently been filled as the Director of Informatics for the Metro Hospital in Brisbane. The Metro Hospital is a 363 bed address on the Northside of Brisbane. The services comprehend unconcealed surgical, unconcealed medical, oncology, vascular, ear, nose and throat, initiative trouble, ophthalmology and maternity and children’s services. It has cheerful links after a while the Dianticipation of Unconcealed Practitioners in the persomal area.

Your edict is to carry the hospital to conclude roll 7 of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model by 2025. As a Health Informatics Professional, you took the job for this debate as you accept regularly wanted to result in a amply electronic environment. You are positively driven to conclude it. Using the beneath points, sketch how you hint on achieving this.

Outline what you would do in your resolution and sketchning when you chief start;

• Articulate your policy and timeframes to attain ‘amply digital’ standing;

• What technical factors would you want to attend when erection your Electronic Health Record and why are these influential? HINT: standards, terminologies?

• What systems would you use to influence your policy?

• What types of media would you exercise?

• How would you direct and regulate the scheme?

• What risks do you see?

• How does your policy align after a while that of Queensland and that of Australia?


• Use a interest reverberation format after a while each question presented as a minority in your reverberation. A case interest reverberation template is resolute beneath as a superintend for you. NOTE: this is right a superintend. You want to comprehend singly one relation schedule for the integral reverberation.

• Proper and consonant academic referencing gathering twain after a whilein the citation of the assignment and a compiled schedule of relations at the end of the monograph must be granted.

• Please hush Griffith University rules on academic uprightness - the responses must be grounded on your own learning and efforts

Sample Interest Reverberation Template_Assignment 5_.pdf

Marking criteria

Critical Evaluation and Relevance of Discussion

Knowledge and discernment grounded on influential ideas, presumptive concepts and learning findings.

Cohesiveness and nature of resolution and argument.

Organisation, Construction and Written Presentation

Clear, close and visible construction to the organisation and donation of the argument in the monograph.

Demonstrates desirable standards of written result

Use of Literature

Health Informatics Division

Report to Metro Hospital
Executive Board on

Roadmap to achieving a
HIMSS roll 7 EMR for the
Metro Hospital by 2025
Author: (Name), Director, Health Informatics Division
.. .. .. ..
. .
Table of Contents

1. Background / Overview
Suggestions for inclusion (schedule not debilitating): -
? Why is this reverberation life written?
? What is HIMSS roll 7?
? Why is it influential to conclude HIMSS roll 7 by 2025?
? What obtain this standing volunteer the hospital?
? What obtain this reverberation evidence?

2. Anticipation for the EMR
What is your anticipation?
What obtain be EHR utensiled by 2025 face approve? Eg – What systems obtain it comprehend? How obtain they consolidate?
What obtain it do? What obtain it volunteer?
What are the discriminating victory factors for the EMR?

3. Analysing the popular situation
How obtain you criticism the popular standing of informatics after a whilein the MetroHospital?
What unfair aspects obtain you criticism?

4. Aspects discriminating to influenceing an EMR
What are the technical factors you want to attend?
What instruction regulatement practices must be utensiled to secure its virtue? Eg - Standards

5. Roadmap for achieving HIMSS roll 7 by 2025
Develop the unfair goals and timelines for you to conclude a ‘amply digital’ standing by 2025. Eg – when are you going to conclude what?
.. .. .. ..
. .

6. Implementation Plan
How obtain you utensil it? What is your utensilation sketch?
What media do you exact to utensil the scheme?

7. Governance
How obtain you direct your scheme?

8. Alignment to set-forth and general eHealth programs
What unfair aspects of the set-forth and general eHealth programs obtain move the utensilation of the EMR?
How does your policy consolidate after a while general and set-forth grounded sketchs?
How obtain you consolidate your EMR after a while the broader strategic sketchs?

9. Likelihood of victory and identification of risk
How positive are you that you obtain conclude your anticipation? What risks do you see?
Are there any benchmarks to what you accept suggested? What does learning describe you?

10. Conclusions/Recommendations

Quality of and use of influenceing attainment and relations