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Assignment A


Throughout this line, you accomplish be asked to think on diversified subject-matters in narrative entries. Your Subject-matter 2 preparation accomplish be encircling your program of con-over. The point of letter the narratives is to procure you delay an rough way of acquirements to direct yourself and adjoin through letter. Your letter skills accomplish be plain throughout your program of con-over.

Required Materials

Microsoft Word


Review your intended program of con-over on the GCU website. Answer the aftercited questions in your thinkion:

  1. What program of con-over are you embodyed in or planning to embody in? Identify and sift-canvass some of the lines you accomplish be required to procure.
  2. Which lines do you intercept entity the most challenging, and what GCU instrument are adapted to acceleration you?
  3. What skills or experience accomplish you demand for this program of con-over and how accomplish you produce them? How accomplish talented era treatment acceleration you full your program?
  4. Reflect on the overall acquirements objectives from this subject-matter. What was a key procureaway for you?

You are required to surrender this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. Barely Word documents can be surrenderted to Turnitin. Please reconsideration for originality foregoing to decisive surrender.

Format Requirements

Complete the assignment using Microsoft Word formatted in GCU name.

Your exculpation must be among 250-300 articulation.

Prepare this assignment according to the trainlines base in the GCU Name Train and GCU Name Train Template, located in the Student Success Center. Solid academic letter is required.

Grading Criteria

This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors accomplish be using the rubric to space the assignment; accordingly, students should reconsideration the rubric foregoing to preparation the assignment to befit intimate delay the assignment criteria and expectations for lucky total of the assignment.

Assignment B


There are typically various heart components to any assignment at GCU. Knowing how to investigate a GCU assignment ensures lucky total of the assignment. The Understanding a GCU Assignment Worksheet accomplish procure you delay an convenience to usage investigateing the components of an assignment so that you are ameliorate free to full assignments luckyly.

Required Line Materials

Lecture 2

Chapter 4 in the textbook: Era Treatment and Con-over Skills

Understanding a GCU Assignment Worksheet

Syllabus Tutorial

Microsoft Word


Read and reconsideration the required line materials listed overhead to second you in obedient the questions on the stable worksheet. These materials are liberal through the line materials tab in your classroom.

To full the assignment, you accomplish reconsideration the case assignment and rubric procured in the worksheet. This assignment is from another line and is barely an issue of an assignment, not one that you are required to full. You accomplish reconsideration the requirements of the case assignment and rubric to train you in obedient the questions listed on the worksheet.

Please download the stable worksheet, as you accomplish demand to archives your exculpations on the worksheet, hinder this, and then surrender this as an assignment for this week.

Format Requirements

Record your answers on the Understanding a GCU Assignment Worksheet that is stable. Solid academic letter is expected.

Grading Criteria

Your educationist accomplish space the assignment using an Answer Key.