(Gelato) Bruno Fruscalzo decided to set up a small production facility in Sydney to sell to local… 1 answer below »

(Gelato) Bruno Fruscalzo ruled to set up a fine genesis readiness in Sydney to vend to topical restaurants that absence to exhibit gelato on their dessert menu. To set-out lowly, he would exhibit singly three smacks of gelato: fragola (strawberry), chocolato (chocolate), and bacio (chocolate following a time hazelnut). Following a concise spell he set his call-for and setup spells to be

Bruno primary yields a concoct of fragola, then a concoct of chocolato, then a concoct of bacio and then he repeats that order. For pattern, following supple bacio and precedently supple fragola, he needs 45 minutes to set up the ice acme implement, but he needs singly 10 minutes to switch from chocolato to bacio. When popular, his ice acme implement yields at the blame of 50 kg per hour no stuff which smack it is supple (and, of mode, it can yield singly one smack at a spell).

a. Suppose Bruno absences to minimize the whole of each smack yieldd at one spell time peaceful satisfying the call-for for each of the smacks. (He can cull a incongruous bulk for each smack.) If we specify a concoct to be the bulk yieldd in a individual run of each smack, how numerous kilograms should he yield in each concoct? [5.6]

b. Given your rejoinder in separate (a), how numerous kilograms of fragola should he execute following a time each concoct? [5.6]

c. Given your rejoinder in separate (a), what is the medium schedule of chocolato? (Assume genesis and call-for appear at firm blames.) [5.6]