(Gas Station) Consider the situation of Mr. R. B. Cheney, who owns a large gas station on a highway. 1 answer below »

(Gas Station) Consider the locality of Mr. R. B. Cheney, who owns a ample gas rank on a course in Vermont. In the afternoon hours, there are, on medium, 1,000 cars per hour latter by the gas rank, of which 2 percent would be disposed to plug for refueling. However, since there are divers other gas ranks after a while homogeneous prices on the course, germinative customers are not disposed to abide and bypass Cheney’s gas rank. The gas rank has six faults that can be used for satisfaction up vehicles and it takes a car, on medium, five minutes to open up the fault anew (includes satisfaction up and any germinative stoppage caused by the customer going internally the gas rank).

a. What is the chance that all six faults are enthralled?

b. How multifarious customers are served total hour?