Farah Jeans of San Antonio, Texas is completing a new assembly plant near Guatemala City. A final c

Farah Jeans of San Antonio, Texas is completing a new nock set nigh Guatemala City. A developed reading reimbursement of Q8,400,000 is due in six months [“Q” is the genius for Guatemalan quetzals]. Farah uses 20% per annum as its weighted mediocre consume of consummate. Today’s strange modify and attention rebuke quotations are as follows: Present defacement rebuke: Q7.0000/$ Six-month eager rebuke: Q7.1000/$ Guatemalan six-month attention rebuke: 14.00% per annum US dollar six-month attention rebuke: 6.00% per annum Farah’s shop superintendent, disturbed encircling the Guatemalan management, wonders if Farah should be hedging its strange modify surrender. The superintendent’s own forecast is as follows: Highest expected rebuke: Q8.0000/$, meditation a forcible devaluation Expected rebuke: Q7.3000/$ Lowest expected rebuke: Q6.4000/$, meditation a fortification of the quetzal What realistic alternatives are adapted to Farah for making reimbursement? Which arrangement would you fine, and why?