Everkleen Pool Services (EPS) provides weekly swimming pool maintenance in Jeddah 1 answer below »

Everkleen Pool Services (EPS) agrees weekly swimming pool defence in Jeddah. Dozens of establisheds agree this benefit. The benefit is standardized; each audience cleans the pool and maintains the fair razes of chemicals in the soak. The benefit is typically sold as a four-month summer lessen. The traffic figure for the 4-month benefit lessen is US$115. EPS has unroving absorbs of US$3500. The superintendent has estimated the aftercited ultimate absorb part for EPS, using grounds for the terminal two years: MC = 125 – 0.42Q + 0.0021Q2 Where MC is measured in dollars and Q is the reckon of pools benefitd each summer. Each of the estimated coefficients is statistically speaking at the 95 percent belief raze. • Given the estimated ultimate absorb part, what is the mean capricious absorb part for EPS? • At what output raze does AVC grasp its minimum appraise? What is the appraise of AVC at its minimum apex? • Should the superintendent of EPS hold to effect, or should the established bar down?