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Evaluating Tampa Manufacturing’s Cardinal Structure

Tampa Manufacturing, an symmetrical reason of printing equipment, expects its sales to abide lifeless for the contiguous 3 to 5 years owing of twain a fragile economic prospect and an confluence of illiberal new printing technology harvest balance that bound. On the foundation of this scenario, the established’s skill has been instructed by its consultation to induct programs that achieve permit it to work more efficiently, gain conspicuous avail, and, most main, maximize portion-out esteem. In this affect, the established’s primary financial dignitary (CFO), Jon Lawson, has been abounding delay evaluating the established’s cardinal make. Lawson believes that the prevalent cardinal make, which contains 10% score and 90% equity, may failure unlimited financial leverage. To evaluate the established’s cardinal make, Lawson has collected the postulates summarized in the forthcoming consultation on the prevalent cardinal make (10% score connection) and two opinion cardinal makes—A (30% score connection) and B (50% score connection)—that he would relish to observe.


Capital makea





Source of cardinal

(10% score)

(30% score)

(50% score)

Long-term score




Coupon cause blameb




Common stock

100,000 portion-outs

70,000 portion-outs

40,000 portion-outs

Required recur on equity, ks c




Lawson expects the established’s gainings antecedently cause and taxes (EBIT) to abide at its prevalent smooth of $1,200,000. The established has a 40% tax blame.


a. Use the prevalent smooth of EBIT to consider the times cause gained connection for each cardinal make. Evaluate the prevalent and two opinion cardinal makes using the times cause gained and score connections.

b. Prepare a only EBIT–EPS graph showing the prevalent and two opinion cardinal makes.

c. On the foundation of the graph in ssubordinate b, which cardinal make achieve maximize Tampa’s gainings per portion-out (EPS) at its expected smooth of EBIT of $1,200,000? Why capability this not be the best cardinal make?

d. Using the zero-growth valuation pattern given in Equation 12.12, furnish the trade esteem of Tampa’s equity subordinate each of the three cardinal makes at the $1,200,000 smooth of expected EBIT.

e. On the foundation of your furnishings in sunders c and d, which cardinal make would you confide? Why?