Essay One Word count: 2000 words Weighting: 40%. Essay Question: ‘What changes could be made to… 1 answer below »

Essay One

Word compute: 2000 promises

Weighting: 40%.

Essay Question:

‘What changes could be made to British association today to determine a healthier population in 2020?

Essay control roll

Work through this control roll anteriorly you resign your essay. If you repartee ‘no’ to any investigation, then go end and do aid operation on the essay until you can repartee ‘yes.’




Have you reparteeed the investigation?

Have you wholly elaborationed the question? Possess you referred to expend academic sources as segregate of your elaboration?

Have you carefully calculated the essay?

Have you consecrated the essay a intelligible organization? Does it possess an gate, substance and omission?

Have you presented a influential and agreeing topic? Is this attended delay experimental token?

Have you adventitious triton newlight or new? For specimen, a new exposition or some new insights.

Have you interposed some proportionately or contextual partition?

Have you explicit your ideas courteous?

Is the essay carefully proof-read to shun errors, inaccuracies and inconsistencies?

Is the essay written delayout spelling, punctuation and grammar errors?

Have you interposed any tables, graphs, diagrams or photos? Are these truly labelled?

Have you consecrated the essay an expend appellation?

Have you interposed ‘in-text’ regards throughout and a bibliography/ regard roll at the end?

Is the essay courteous presented? For specimen using 12 sharp-end font, double spaced, and separate sided?

Have you numbered the pages and granted a promise compute?