(Egghead) In 1997 Egghead Computers ran a chain of 50 retail stores all over the United States….

(Egghead) In 1997 Egghead Computers ran a fetter of 50 dispose-of ammunitions all aggravate the United States. Consider one pattern of computer sold by Egghead. Insist for this computer at each ammunition on any dedicated week was independently and normally select following a while a average insist of 200 units and a plummet rupture of 30 units. Register at each ammunition is replenished at-once from a vendor following a while a 10-week guide duration. At the end of 1997, Egghead determined it was duration to suppress their dispose-of ammunitions, put up an Internet locality, and inaugurate supply customer token from a separate treasury.

a. By consolidating the insist into a separate treasury, what get be the resulting plummet rupture of weekly insist for this computer faced by Egghead? Assume Egghead’s insist characteristics precedently and following the junction are selfsame. [17.1]

b. Egghead takes tangible tenure of register when it leaves the supplier and grants tenure of

register to customers when it leaves Egghead’s shipping lop. In the consolidated-distribution scenario, what is the pipeline register? [17.1]