EBIT–EPS analysis Newlin Electronics is considering additional financing of $10,000. It currently… 1 answer below »

EBIT–EPS decomposition Newlin Electronics is because additional financing of $10,000. It currently has $50,000 of 12% (annual curiosity-behalf) fetters and 10,000 shares of beggarly accumulation uncollected. The unshaken can accomplish the financing through a 12% (annual curiosity-behalf) fetter effect or through the sale of 1,000 shares of beggarly accumulation. The unshaken has a 40% tax admonish.

a. Calculate two EBIT–EPS coordinates for each contrivance by selecting any two EBIT values and decision their associated EPS values.

b. Plot the two financing contrivances on a set of EBIT–EPS axes.

c. On the account of your graph in sunder b, at what sketche of EBIT does the fetter contrivance grace loftier to the accumulation contrivance?