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Dim-Sum Restaurants, Inc., must determine betwixt a open effect of intermediate-term musics and the peculiar placement of this something-due delay an protection concourse. In twain cases, the funds wanted are $6 favorite for 6 years delay no main reprisals until the last ripeness of the musics. Delay a open effect, the profit objurgate gain be 15 percent, the underwriting scatter gain be $10 per music, and the musics gain be priced to the open at $1,000 severally. To gain $6 favorite in pay, the concourse gain want to effect some subjoined musics to offset the scatter. Legal, printing, and other primal costs after to $195,000 delay the open effect. For the peculiar effect, the profit objurgate gain be 15.5 percent, and primal costs gain after to merely $20,000.

a. Ignoring the term rate of specie, which way has the remarkable completion costs aggravate the 6 years? In say, which way would be helped if we considered the term rate of specie?

b. What if the ripeness were 12 years and all other things stayed the similar?