Debt and financial risk Tower Interiors has made the forecast of sales shown in the following table…. 1 answer below »

Debt and financial occasion Tower Interiors has made the foretaste of sales shown in the subjoined table. Also fond is the chance of each roll of sales.









The solid has unwandering careless costs of $75,000 and shifting careless costs correspondent to 70% of the sales roll. The community pays $12,000 in portion-out per bound. The tax reprimand is 40%.

a. Compute the hues precedently portion-out and taxes (EBIT) for each roll of sales.

b. Compute the hues per portion-out (EPS) for each roll of sales, the expected EPS, the banner discontinuance of the EPS, and the coefficient of diversity of EPS, showy that there are 10,000 portion-outs of contemptible accumulation unappropriated.

c. Tower has the occasion to diminish leverage to cipher and pay no portion-out. This conquer claim that the sum of portion-outs unappropriated be increased to 15,000. Repeat bisect b inferior this boldness.

d. Compare your findings in bisects b and c, and expatiate on the property of the decrease of debit to cipher on the solid’s financial occasion.