(Cyber Chemicals) Cyber Chemicals uses liquid nitrogen on a regular basis. Average daily demand is.. 1 answer below »

(Cyber Chemicals) Cyber Chemicals uses running nitrogen on a methodic cause. Mean daily ask-for is 178 gallons after a while a model dissolution of 45. Due to a material regulateing absorb, which is thinkd to be $58 per regulate (no subject the size in the regulate), Cyber currently regulates from its supplier on a weekly cause. Cyber to-boot incurs possession absorbs on its schedule. Cyber recognizes that its schedule is last at the end of the week but prefers

a further realistic think of its mean schedule. In feature, Cyber thinks its mean schedule to be its mean end-of-week schedule plus half of its mean regulate size. The possession absorb Cyber incurs on that mean schedule is $0.08 per gallon per week. Cyber’s supplier delivers in close than a day. Assume 52 weeks per year, five days per week.

a. Cyber wishes to celebrate a 99.9 percent in-stock presumption. If it does so, what is Cyber’s annual schedule possession absorb? [16.5]

b. What is Cyber’s annual regulateing absorb? [16.8]

c. Should Cyber deduce regulateing integral two weeks? [16.8]