Create a Public Health Timeline with country United States and Zimbabwe going back from 1914 1 answer below »

Public Soundness Timeline

Summarize the discernment of twain literal and vulgar factors that rule soundness and distemper in plain interpolitical countries and/or developing third globe countries by creating a timeline that identifies the discriminating economic, socio-political, and cultural accidents that keep shaped that country’s vulgar soundness and distemper condition. Picked one plain and one developing country (The United States and Zimbabwe) and cunning to go tail 100 years to the confer-upon. Go as far tail as the year 1914.

You may picked the format of your timeline (ppt, pdf, doc, etc), thus-far, it must be agraphical representationthat displays each discriminating accident, provides a scanty name of the accident, and is confer-uponed in chronological regulate.

The point of this assignment is to embrace the discernment of the literal and vulgar factors in proving how economic, sociopolitical, and cultural factors repair or interfere delay maintaining soundness of the global communities; you allure as-well attain to lump how these factors are divergent incomplete plain and underplain global countries.