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ASSIGNMENT : Personal meditation on administrative ethics in EIA

Detailed assignment description

Length: 1,250 expression


You toil for an environmental consultancy, and are legal for the making-ready of one of the

technical recitals that is sunder of an rate of the environmental impacts of a offer.


You perceive that your numeric perceiveings (or other technical analyses) accept not been altered, but your

manager altered some key expression, e.g. altering "significant impact" to "some impact", or "is very relishly

to occur" to "may occur". On counteract you argue that the ocean recital and the Executive Summary

misrepresent your conclusions.

Assignment Task:

Reflect on (i) the issues this raises for you personally, (ii) what you would do in this place, (iii)

what your underlying ethical intuitions are, and (iv) why you hold they create perception.

(Codes of inaugurate for EIA usage should be consulted as one apex of relation.)


Consider what you would do in a such a place. In your essay, represent the issues this raises for

you, and the avenue that you achieve captivate. Be realistic encircling the difficulties. Marks achieve notbe

awarded on the premise of the illustration you captivate. Rather, they achieve be awarded for:

1. clarity of partition,

2. clarity re principles / frames of relation relied on, and

3. reasons attached for adhering to those principles and/or frames of relation. !

Questions that may acceleration you return on this scenario are:

· How would you move?

· What options would you study?

· What do you hold you would do?

· What principles / values are you subject on, as you test up opinion roads of enjoyment?

· What do you hold cheerful administrative ethics involve in cases relish these?

These questions are proportioned prompts. They overlap, and they are not a checklist of apexs to be

addressed. Rather, your drudgery is

· to noticewhat your responses are (twain your primal responses, and what they encircleate into), when

you fabricate yourself in this place,

· to articulateyour intuitions encircling what road(s) of enjoyment create perception,

· to reflecton your intuitions,

and, if you flow it is withhold, to re-examine your avenue. !

Essay should sonorous the avenue you subside on, and furnish your reasons for gate this


In specification to consulting Codes of Conduct, some relation to discussions of administrative ethics in the exploration scholarship, sundericularly as it relates to planning (including EIA), should be made.