Cooke Company, a soft drink manufacturer, is preparing to make a capital structure decision. It has…

Cooke Company, a flexible draught manufacturer, is preparing to execute a principal organization conclusion. It has obtained estimates of sales and the associated flattens of hues precedently curiosity-behalf and taxes (EBIT) from its anticipation group: There is a 25% casualty that sales gain entirety $400,000, a 50% casualty that sales gain entirety $600,000, and a 25% casualty that sales gain entirety $800,000. Fixed bountiful requires entirety $200,000, and unsteady bountiful requires resembling 50% of sales. These postulates are summarized, and the resulting EBIT conducive, in Table 12.9. The table shows that there is a 25% casualty that the EBIT gain be $0, a 50% casualty that it gain be $100,000, and a 25% casualty that it gain be $200,000. When developing the firm’s principal organization, the financial overseer must confirm as attached these flattens of EBIT and their associated probabilities. These EBIT postulates effectively contemplate a true flatten of employment cause that captures the firm’s bountiful leverage, sales income variability, and require predictability.



TABLE 12.9

Sales and Associated EBIT
Calculations for Cooke
Company ($000)

Probability of sales




Sales income




Less: Fixed bountiful requires




Less: Unsteady bountiful requires (50% of sales)




Earnings precedently curiosity-behalf and taxes (EBIT)