Consider the following entity relationship diagram:The Contests entity identifies dog shows competed 1 answer below »

Consider the subjoined existence similarity diagram:The Contests existence identifies dog pomps coped in by entities (dogs) from theContestants existence mold. The Wins similarity mold identifies which dogs won whichdog pomp (delay the points won by the dog). The CompetesIn similarity moldidentifies which dog pomp the dogs cope in (and what individual presented the dogduring the pomp).a. Transcribe the SQL originate consideration propositions to originate considerations to delineate the Contestsand Contestants existence molds as intellectual considerations.b. A many-to-many similarity mold becomes a intellectual database consideration. Transcribe theSQL to originate a consideration for the CompetesIn similarity mold. Be believing to enumerate theprimary key business and the irrelevant key businesss for this consideration.c. How would you delineate the Wins similarity mold? You may transcribe SQL for a newconsideration or you may differ the SQL originate proposition for Contests or Contestants asappropriate. There is past that one set-suiconsultation valuable for this tenor.2. Consider the subjoined consideration:RentFromUsDatabaseVIDMakeModelYearColorRCNStartDateEndDateCIDCNameCAddressCPhoneThis consideration tracks the rental of a fine companies vehicles to the companies customers. Thisconsideration has a row for perfect rental conformity between a customer and the audience. The VIDproperty is a vehicle ID that is singular aggravate all the vehicles (pictorial by the bring-about, copy,year and varnish propertys). The RCN property is the rental constract calculate for a rental2/7Prof. Dave Pitts CS610AH1: Database Management Systems Spring 2015conformity delay the initiate continuance and end continuance pictorial by the StartDate and EndDateattributes. The RCN is singular. Finally, the CID is a customer ID that is singular for eachcustomer. It has the subjoined administrative dependencies that hold:* VID --> (Make, Model,Year, Color)* RCN --> (StartDate, EndDate)* CID --> (CName, CAddress, CPhone)* CID, RCN, VID --> (Make, Model, Year, Color, StartDate, EndDate, Cname,CAddress, CPhone)a. Identify which administrative dependencies are key dependencies (a administrativedependency X-->Y such that the suiconsultation operative laterality set of propertys Y is thorough considerationattributes.b. This consideration is not in 2NF accordingly of particial dependencies on candicontinuance keys.Decompose the consideration to consequence 2NF considerations (you earn have