Chapter Exercises The following problems use data from three data sets available on the com- panion.

Chapter Exercises
The aftercited totals use basis from three basis sets helpful on the com-
panion web birth. Each basis set contains the raw basis as courteous as mean or
reorganized basis for rest of separation.
1. Think of a inquiry, total, or end in your structure. Design a
operative consider to harangue the end. Be permanent to argue how you would
harangue all aspects of security, including logic, sampling, and measure-
ment. Assuming that you can convene operative basis, how would you analyze
them? How would you offer them?
2. Using the basis in Health Insurance Coverage.xls, parallel insurance
coverage in Minnesota to coverage in Texas.
a. Analyze the security of the basis.
b. Produce a histogram to parallel the two states. Do Minnesota and
Texas show to accept alike coverage types?
c. Produce a Pareto chart for the two states. What does this chart manifest?
d. What is the likelihood that a inhabitant of Minnesota or Texas earn be
uninsured? Insured? Insured by Medicare or Medicaid?
e. What is the 95 percent CI for the symmetry of uninsured in Texas?
In Minnesota? What is the 99 percent CI?