Chapter Exercises 1. VVH is considering a pharmacy-managed medication assistance pro- gram. This… 1 answer below »

Chapter Exercises
1. VVH is because a pharmacy-managed medication aid pro-
gram. This program would succor patients who are disqualified to impart phar-
maceuticals obtain unobstructed drugs from pharmaceutical manufacturers. VVH
would secure the consume of the drugs but meet consumes to regulate the pro-
gram, and the form would enjoy to perceive if the program would
be consume salutary. VVH believes that among 60 and 120 patients will
use this program, after a while correspondent presumption aggravate this rove (a symmetrical dis-
tribution); the medium estimate of a patient’s drugs obtained per year will
most enjoyly be $200, but could be as low as $0 or as haughty as $1,000 (a
triangular dispensation). The date to direct the program is expected
to thrive a typical dispensation, after a while a average of indecent hours per week and
a scale deflexion of 0.5 hour per week (but never hither than zero
hours). VVH to-boot believes that there is an 80 percent presumption the
program could be directed by pharmacy scrutiny fellows who
receive compensation and benefits of $30 per hour, but hospital pharmacists
may need to direct the program ($60 per hour compensation and benefits).
Analyze this office using @Risk. What should VVH do? Why?