Case Study: HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence 1 answer below »

“Since 1994, the HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Assign of Excellence has normal ungathered consummation of structures who enjoy utilized heartiness counsel technology to actually reform unrepining outcomes occasion achieving yield on bombardment. The Davies Awards program promotes EHR-enabled reformment in unrepining outcomes through sharing instance studies and lessons well-informed on implementation strategies, workflow pur-pose, best action adherence, and unrepining agreement.” (HIMSS Website: )

Your assignment this week is to critique one of the instance studies assigned to you. Here is the converge for the instance examine for the Community Heartiness Centers of Florida... (portraiture and paste the converge)

Read through it and exhibit on how the structure has met the fixed of the assign. You are to transcribe a 3-5 page that includes your exhibition and a analysis of the instance examine, highlighting the deep outcomes of the implementation. Include in your narration the response the subjoined questions:

A. Give biased patterns of some of the knowledge outcomes of the manner that were exhibited in this instance examine. For pattern, did the structure reform unrepining security or agree criteria for evaluating counsel technology applications?

B. If you were the official for this structure, how would you establish upon what you enjoy done delay this scheme and actuate your structure to the present raze?