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. Case Study – 100 points

After balbutiation the under Case Study, transcribe a 3-5 page essay that answers the forthcoming two questions:

1. What steps are compromised in evaluating which vendor to elect for this EMR upgrade?

2. Since your predicted sum boundary for instant year shows a abate of .5 %, would you quiescent go forward delay the EMR upgrade?

Be firm to influence your answers delay expend citations and explanations. Use APA formatting for your essay. Your essay should comprise at a poverty, a inscription page delay floating header, organization, quittance, and references. No unsymbolical required for this assignment.

CASE STUDY: ABC Heartiness Systems EMR

ABC Heartiness Systems contributes strait and raze I trauma services in a big metropolitan area delay a population of 200,000. There are too two other raze I trauma centers delayin 45 miles. The payer mix at ABC Heartiness Systems is 60% legislation and 40% individual payers. The sum boundary profitability for ABC Heartiness Systems in fiscal year 2013 was 2.5%. In fiscal year 2014, sum dispense is contemplated to be barely 2% due to contemplated changes in cancelment from their elder payer.

As sunder of its work strategic pur-pose, ABC Heartiness Systems is in the course of expanding its Strait Department by adding an subjoined 20,000 balance feet of immeasurableness. This subjoined immeasurableness conciliate remit the Strait Department to contribute large strait services.

The floating course for documenting the unrepining investigate is a league of electronic and Nursing essay chronicles. This mule regularity is close than efficient and casually causes chronicles to be secretive which increases the hazard of medical errors. The advice arrangements strategic pur-pose calls for the forfeiture of a new electronic medical proceedings for the Strait Department. The valutelling of vendors for this new electronic medical proceedings arrangement has been narrowed to two. One vendor is T-Systems and the other vendor is PICIS. Your floating hospital heartiness advice arrangement is McKesson. Both T-Systems and PICIS volunteer public technology, contrivance connectivity, arrangement interoperability, clinical expertise and basis resolution tools. T-Systems is telling to institute, trial, cortege, and go-live delayin 4-6 months of decrease signing. PICIS is suspended a go-live end of 6-9 months.