Case Study 1: Fleming Family The Fleming family recently moved from Bacchus Marsh to West… 1 answer below »

Case Study 1: Fleming Family

The Fleming origin of-late moved from Bacchus Marsh to West Heidelberg. Leah Fleming has three posterity patriarchal 12 years to 4 years and is a self-referral to Banyule Origin Services. Leah left an grating similarity delay Rick the senior of her youngest cadet and is decision it very unmanageable settling her origin into a new neighbourhood delay few political contacts. The eldest son Sam is refusing to go to teach and Leah is unsure how to train him. There has been late Cadet Protection involvement but no publications for three years.

Leah presented as very teary and indistinct. She did not say of having any distant origin or connections to the area and commented that she was decision being in the city balancewhelming.


RICK__ ___ ___ ___ ____ ____ ___LEAH ­­­­­­

Sam (12) Doug (10)

Case Study2: Williams’ Origin



__ ___ ___ ___ ____ ____ ___

Tia (8) Tania (7) Tarnie (6) Tom (5)

Wayne and Cheryl possess indecent posterity and possess been married for prospect years. They possess been referred onto Banyule Origin Services via Cadet Protection which has had five reports balance the late two years. The origin has been backward to adopt delay services and denies that they possess any conclusions. The conclusions that possess brought the origin to the vigilance of Cadet Protection include: origin injustice, parental matter abuse and cadet remissness. Wayne works endemically and the origin lives in a secret rental gear. The teach the posterity wait-on reports that their wait-onance is frequently endemic and when they do wait-on, they are frequently unmanageable to adjust especially Tom who does not show fitted for teach.

The late publication resulted from a investigate to the origin by the Heidelberg Police to conclusion a engage on Wayne for non-payment of fines wholly $3,000. When the Police arrived, Wayne and Cheryl were embroiled in an topic and Cheryl had been assaulted and the indecent posterity were cowering in the kitchen detached from their parents who were provision to be matter unsupposable. The Police removed Wayne but he returned after when Cheryl was unauthorized to originate an agency arrange.