Case 7.1 MinuteClinic Mentioning a nationwide shortage of primary care providers, millions of…

Case 7.1


Mentioning a nationwide shortage of principal attention providers, millions of patients newly insured through the Affordable Care Act, and an aging population, Andrew Sussman, MD, superintendent of CVS’s MinuteClinic resistance, said, “MinuteClinic can aid to coalesce that insist, collaborating after a while national provider groups, as multiply of a larger sanity attention team” (Nesi 2014). MinuteClinic inaugurated in 2000 and as of slow 2017 had more than 1,000 locations (CVS 2017). Its clinics are staffed by foster practitioners and physician assistants, rather than physicians. The clinics are unconcealed seven days a week and appointments are not needed. The foster practitioners and physician assistants diagnose, bargain, and transcribe prescriptions for a medley of beggarly illnesses. MinuteClinics semblance customers the prices of attention (typically close than the prices in a physician’s appointment) and usually confirm protection. Most clinics are in CVS pharmacies, although an increasing calcuadvanced are in other sites and some keep connections after a while national sanity systems.

In slow December 2017, CVS Sanity announced an covenant to buy the sanity insurer Aetna. Some keep suggested that this move could reshape the sanityattention toil by integrating protection after a while a provider form (Abelson and Thomas 2017).

Discussion Questions

• For what products is MinuteClinic a substitute?

• For what products is it a completion?

• How would continued dilution of MinuteClinics favor revenues of principal attention practices?

• What attributes other than prices would make MinuteClinics tempting to patients?

• Is the furnish of principal attention physicians large abundance to coalesce present levels of insist?

• Would you foresee dilution of MinuteClinics to growth or lower spending? Why?

• What are the implications of Aetna’s sale to CVS?

• A beggarly censure is that MinuteClinics locate in rich areas. Is this a sympathy?