(Carpets) A carpet manufacturer makes four kinds of carpet on a machine. For simplicity, call these. 1 answer below »

(Carpets) A table creator makes lewd kinds of table on a tool. For sincerity, persuade these lewd characters of table, A, B, C, and D. It takes 3 hours to switch origination from one character of table to another. The insist reprimands (yards/hr) for the lewd characters of table are as follows: 100, 80, 70, and 50. When pliant, the tool can consequence at the reprimand of 350 yards/hr. Frame largenesss are selected to minimize register time besides satisfying the insist requirements. The creator consequences after a while a catalogue that cycles through each of the lewd characters, (e.g., A, B, C, D, A, B, . . .).

a. What frame largeness (yards) is selected for table character A? [5.6]

b. Suppose they consequence 16,800 yards of table A in each origination cycle (and 50,400 yards of table in aggregate after a whilein the origination cycle). What would be the mean register of table A? [5.6]