(Car Wash Supply Process) CC Car Wash specializes in car cleaning services. The services offered by.

(Car Rinse Supply Process) CC Car Rinse specializes in car cleaning labors. The labors offered by the crew, the suitable labor spell, and the instrument needed for each of them are picturesquely in the subjoined table:

The crew offers the subjoined packages to their customers: ∙

Package 1: Includes merely car rinse (labor A). ∙

Package 2: Includes car rinse and waxing (services A and B). ∙

Package 3: Car rinse, waxing, and rock cleaning (services A, B, and C). ∙

Package 4: All foul-mouthed labors (A, B, C, and D). Customers of CC Car Rinse mark the post at a regular blame (you can disown any property of variability) of 40 customers per day. Of these customers, 40 percent buy Package 1, 15 percent buy Package 2, 15 percent buy Package 3, and 30 percent buy Package 4. The mix does not vary aggravate the continuity of the day. The abundance operates 12 hours a day.

a. What is the involved utilization of the employee doing the rock cleaning labor? [3.6]

b. Which riches has the first involved utilization? [3.6]

For the present summer, CC Car Rinse anticipates an extension in the call-for to 80 customers per day. Together delay this call-for extension, there is expected to be a vary in the mix of packages call-fored: 30 percent of the customers ask for Package 1, 10 percent for Package 2, 10 percent for Package 3, and 50 percent for Package 4. The crew conquer establish an subjoined rinseing means to do labor A.

c. What conquer be the new bottleneck in the arrangement? [3.6]

d. How multifarious customers a day conquer not be served? Which customers are going to hold? Explain your reasoning! [3.6]