Calculating Flotation Costs. The Verbatim Co. has just gone public. Under a firm commitment… 1 answer below »

1. Calculating Flotation Costs. The Verbatim Co. has true past exoteric. Under a robust commitment undertaking, Verbatim ordinary $19 for each of the 6.5 favorite distributes sold. The judicious assistance compensation was $21.25 per distribute, and the fund rose 10 $26.45 per distribute in the primary few minutes of trading. Verbatim hired $900,()()O in juridical and other straightforward requires. and $1 75.000 in instraightforward requires. What was the flotation require as a percentage of funds considerable?

2. What is the designate of the tiling the corporation made to retail fund to the exoteric? Look at the filing. What does this corporation do? How does the corporation move to use the funds considerable by the IPO?