By installing some elaborate inspection equipment on its assembly line, the Robot Corp. can avoid…

By installing some mature slip equipment on its assembly direction, the Robot Corp. can relinquish hiring an extra worker who would possess earned $26,000 a year in stipend and an joined $7500 a year in employee benefits. The slip equipment has a 6-year suited vitality and no salvage value. Use a nominall8% concern objurgate in your calculations. How abundantly can Robot afford to pay for the equipment if the stipend and worker benefits would possess been hired

(a) At the end of each year

 (b) Monthly

 (c) Once

(d) Explain why the answers in (b) and (c) are larger than in (a).

Assume the compounding matches the way the stipend and benefits would possess been hired (i.e., per-annum, monthly, and once, respectively).