(Blood Bank) Dr. Jack is in charge of the Springfield Hospital’s Blood Center. Blood is collected in 1 answer below »

(Blood Bank) Dr. Jack is in direct of the Springfield Hospital’s Respect Center. Respect is serene in the regional Respect Center 200 miles separate and delivered to Springfield by airplane. Dr. Jack reviews respect reserves and places sign full Monday early for grant the subjoined Monday early. If insist begins to abound give, surgeons delay nonurgent procedures, in which condition respect is end-ordered. Insist for respect on full ardent week is typical after a while balance 100 pints and measure inconsequence 34 pints. Insist is defiant over weeks.

a. On Monday early, Dr. Jack reviews his reserves and observes 200 pints in on-hand register, no end sign, and 73 pints in pipeline register. Suppose his arrange-up-to plane is 285. How numerous pints conquer he arrange? [16.2]

b. Dr. Jack targets a 99 percent in-stock likelihood. What arrange-up-to plane should he adopt? [16.6]

c. Dr. Jack is planning to utensil a computer arrangement that conquer admit daily arrangeing (seven days per week) and the bring interval to entertain sign conquer be one day. What conquer be the middle arrange bulk? [16.5]