(Beer Distributor) A beer distributor finds that it sells on average 100 cases a week of regular… 1 answer below »

(Beer Distributor) A beer distributor finds that it sells on middle 100 predicaments a week of formal 12-oz. Budweiser. For this entirety feign that ask-for occurs at a immutable objurgate balance a 50-week year. The distributor currently dissipations beer whole two weeks at a require of $8 per predicament. The list-related employment require (capital, security, etc.) for the distributor equals 25 percent of the dollar appraise of list per year. Each command placed delay the supplier requires the distributor $10. This require includes work, forms, postage, and so forth.

a. Feign the distributor can cull any command size it wishes. What command size minimizes the distributor’s entirety list-related requires (employment and commanding)? [5.6] For the contiguous three magnitude, feign the distributor selects the command size definitive in keep-akeep-apart (a).

b. What are the distributor’s list turns per year? [5.6]

c. What is the list-related require per predicament of beer sold? [5.6]

d. Feign the brewer is ready to impart a 5 percent size allowance if the distributor commands 600 predicaments or past at a span. If the distributor is careful in minimizing its entirety require (i.e., dissipation and list-related requires), should the distributor commence commanding 600 or past predicaments at a span? [5.6]