(Bagel Store) Consider a bagel store selling three types of bagels that are produced according to…

(Bagel Store) Consider a bagel hoard selling three kinds of bagels that are resultd according to the mode career diagram outlined adown. We claim the require is 180 bagels a day, of which there are 30 grilled veggie, 110 veggie solely, and 40 acme cheese. Claim that the workday is 10 hours covet and each riches is staffed delay one worker.

Moreover, we claim the subjoined modeing opportunitys:

Processing opportunitys are dogged of which bagel kind is modeed at a riches (for stance, stinging a bagel takes the selfselfsame opportunity for a acme cheese bagel as for a veggie bagel).

a. Where in the mode is the bottleneck? [3.6]

b. How abundant units can the mode result delayin one hour, assuming the work mix has to sojourn steady? [3.6]