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Authored by Jen Bichel-Findlay and Peter Clout, Faculty of Health, January 2014 1 | P a g e o f 9 2014 ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES HEALTH SERVICE MANAGEMENT (HSM) SUBJECTS UTS FACULTY OF HEALTH January 2014 1. ASSESSMENT ITEM QUESTION You scarcity to analyse the investigation that you are going to apology. This is manufactured by a course of steps. A. Interpret the perfect investigation or indicate of the assignment shorton/s twice to indicate that you are interpreting the investigation or shorton behind a whileholdly. B. Identify subject-matter-matter tone to indicate you are fitness environing the punish subject-matter-matter. C. Identify styptic tone to indicate that you accrue amid the customary opportunity. Examples used in vigor use treatment assignments grasp amid the treatment of an intelligent vigor use, apt to the clarified vigor use, in homogeneity to the clarified flag and so on. D. Interpret the marking criteria twice to indicate that you are devoting the lawful aggregate of try to the apt criteria. E. Identify the verbs used in the investigation or indicate of the assignment shorton/s and the marking criteria to indicate the punish equalize of nucleus. Examples used in vigor use treatment assignments grasp define, debate, analyse, indicate, collate and dissimilarity, illustrate, delineation, re-examination, evaluate, prophesy, validate, reflect, fall, excuse and so on. HELPS arranges English vernacular succor and assignment regulate to UTS scholars. HELPS is located in Building 1 Equalize 3 (antagonistic the Concourse Café), and is known to all scholars from 12pm – 6pm Monday-Thursday, and 12pm – 5pm Friday. Students can honortelling ‘drop-in’ and talk to an Advisor environing their assignments, whether they scarcity an discernment of the assignment demandments or succor delay their written indication. They can to-boot supplicate a 40-minute one-to-one consultation to debate an assignment exhaust. Many scholars feel used HELPS so far this year and the feedback has been veritably explicit. To discbalance out how HELPS can succor you, get in swingle delay us: T: 9514 9733 E: W: Authored by Jen Bichel-Findlay and Peter Clout, Faculty of Health, January 2014 2 | P a g e o f 9 2. CONTENT – SOURCES YES ITEM The assignment convinces the interpreter that the scholar understands the investigation or subject-matter-matter area in the treatment of the subject-matter and the exoteric environment. There is proof of broad lection, as this increases the profundity of enlightenment on a subject-matter-matter. The assignment evinces an Australian and interdiplomatic perspective. Outdated study (anterior to the year 2003) is not cited recurrent it is a seminal duty of fruit (and they are noble). Record factsbases are interrogated such as Medline, CINAHL, Science Direct, Vigor Collection (Informit), Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Profession Fount Complete, Proquest Business, and so on rather than Google. Singly largely philosophical fellow re-examinationed founts are cited as they are current founts of counsel behind a whilehold for academic fitness. NB Scholarly fellow re-examinationed (or refereed) records average that the fruit submitted is scrutinised by prompts in the similar opportunity (in homogeneity to its nature, the intercourse and behind a whileholdness) precedently a tract is published in the record. Publications that feel not rafterne fellow re-examination are certain grounded on the judgement of an editor or editors, and is hence slight to be give delay distrust by scholars and administratives. These records are avenueed via academic factsbases (not Google), are visibly irrelative from other records, register their editorial consultation members in the record, never feel subscription written by indicateless, use consummate and technical vernacular, reverberation initiatory lore, and grasp the fount of counsel. Minimal grey study is cited. NB Grey study is informally published written sortical (such as reverberations) that may not be broadly ingenuous via social channels. For copy, persomal vigor confine reverberations, technical reverberations from committees, and so on. Newstract and repository subscription are not cited, recurrent this counsel succors stout fellow-reviewed study. Subscription in these proclamations are written by reverberationers and recordists who may or may not be prompts in the opportunity, and hence may inclose inpunish or unfair counsel. Blogs, twitter feeds, and websites where the formr is not reflected an prompt in the opportunity are not cited. Lecture sessions are not cited. The initiatory fount is cited, rather than citing a induced fount. Authored by Jen Bichel-Findlay and Peter Clout, Faculty of Health, January 2014 3 | P a g e o f 9 3. CONTENT – INTRODUCTION, BODY AND CONCLUSION YES ITEM The taking sets the exhibition of the assignment subject-matter-matter (first) and delineations the framefruit or advent that the assignment earn grasp (second). NB An taking is a roadmap for the interpreter and allows them to arrange themselves mentally for the voyage they earn rbehind as they thrive the dispute or aims violent in the extract. If your ‘travel instructions’ are unobvious or absent, the interpreter earn be ‘lost’ The quittance highlights the elder aims violent in the assignment or summarises the disputes giveed in the assignment. The quittance does not conduct-in new sortical. The taking and quittance are almost 10% of the tidings proviso for 2,000 tidings or short assignments. If the tidings enumerate is elapsed than 2,000 tone, takings and quittances should be incloseed to no elapsed than 2 conditions each. The taking and quittance are largely of the scholar’s own tone. NB Introductions and quittances should noblely inclose plain or inplain extracts. All elder provisions and concepts are defined. Short mere tone are used rather than covet conceal ones. Content is compact in a argumentative regulate delay obvious glide, harmonious delay the framefruit delineationd in the taking. NB Paragraphs scarcity to be tied in delay the elder issues signed in the taking All conditions pause of a subject-matter-matter doom, a estimate of succor dooms, and either a elapsed doom or a linking doom to the give condition. Whole subject-matter-matter doom informs the interpreter of what is nature debateed and why it is apt. Authored by Jen Bichel-Findlay and Peter Clout, Faculty of Health, January 2014 4 | P a g e o f 9 4. REFERENCING - CITATION YES ITEM Inadvertent plagiarism is avoided by citing your founts in the whole of your assignment and relation register and using paraphrases and plain extracts behind a whileholdly. Citations use the formr’s conclusive indicate singly – never the formr’s primary indicate or moderates. Additionally, the formr/s are never referred to as he or she, singly by their conclusive indicate. Citations are integrated into the fact of the assignment. Sources are not conduct-ind in the similar deportment throughout the assignment – an try has been made to diversify how they are giveed. Wasted tone describing the formr are avoided, such as Senge, an prompt in the opportunity of knowledge organisations, or Senge, in the condition entitled Knowledge Organisations in the Record Vigor Use Management, or Senge, who has written indiscriminately environing knowledge organisations. Inplain extracts are used elapsed commsingly than plain extracts. Inplain extracts are paraphrased tone – that is, your own tone cogitation the eager of the tone of the formr/s – delay the acknowledgement of the formr/s. Citations grasp the formr/s and the year of proclamation, delayout any commas. The offer format is either: ? (Author/s Year) ? Author/s (Year). Plain extracts are used VERY SPARINGLY. Plain extracts are not italicised – they should be giveed in the similar font as the assignment. Plain extracts grasp page estimates, either: ? (Author Year, p. x) ? Author/s (Year, p. x) Plain extracts that are crave-drawn (> 30 tone) are noblely used, and if so, demand: ? Indenting ? Extract marks omitted ? Smaller font ? One sequence spacing Elapsed than one formr is cited in the extract: ? an ampersand sort (&) is used among the indicates of two formrs (Duckett & Wilcox 2011). ? an ampersand sort (&) is used precedently the conclusive formr indicate of three formrs (Willis, Reynolds & Keleher 2012). ? et al. behind the primary formr is used when there are foul-mouthed or elapsed formrs (Braithwaite et al. 2013) Extract marks are not demandd for a few tone in a doom – they are singly demandd when the elderity of a doom or a consummate doom is cited. Multiple studies are bunched either by: ? (Author/s Year; Author/s Year; Author/s Year) regulateed by alphabetical conclusive indicate ? Various studies (Author/s Year; Author/s Year; Author/s Year) feel evinced / inspired / signed Authored by Jen Bichel-Findlay and Peter Clout, Faculty of Health, January 2014 5 | P a g e o f 9 5. REFERENCING – REFERENCE LIST YES ITEM There are sufficient founts to evince that the subject-matter-matter is understood. NB There is no enchantment estimate of founts. The relation register set-abouts on a new page. The relation register is one sequence extensiond, delay a sequence spacing among each fount. The relation register incloses singly founts that feel been cited in the extract. NB A relation register and bibliography are not the similar. Sources are giveed in the Harvard UTS referencing dispose. NB It is recommended that all scholars use the Endnote program for referencing, storing, and organising relations and citations. A unobstructed acreckon of Endnote is labortelling from the UTS Library. All referencing has been repressed anterior to assignment dependence. NB Well-balanced if the Endnote program is used, it is the scholar’s calling to repress that the program has giveed the founts in the punish format. If the counsel environing the fount is not entered behind a whileholdly into Endnote, it earn not give the counsel in the punish format. If the founts are not giveed in the punish format, it is never Endnote’s error but rather the error of the peculiar who entered the counsel into Endnote. Sources are registered in alphabetical regulate by formr conclusive indicate. Sources in the relation register are not estimateed. If multiple founts are formred by the similar peculiar/s in the similar year, each fount is assigned a message – a, b, c, d, and so on. Edited founts are registered according to the formr of the provision, delay details of the editors and extract graspd. URLs are singly graspd in the relation register for founts that are not labortelling in imprint. NB URLs are RARELY REQUIRED in HSM assignments, as very few vigor-related founts are singly labortelling in a website format. The UTS Library Harvard UTS Referencing Guide avows: Journals: Almost all onsequence records feel a imprinted equipollent. When this is the subject relation it as the imimimstereomark account. This is in-multiply acceptably URLs for onsequence subscription are usually very covet, and modify delay time; and in-multiply acceptably not wholeone earn be telling to avenue the onsequence record in the similar way that you did. Book: 1. The onsequence or electronic body has the similar erection and page estimateing as the equipollent imimimstereomark account, for copy if the body is in pdf format. In this subject, relation it as the imimimstereomark account. 2. The onsequence body is inducedly a website and is tellingly irrelative from the imimimstereomark account, or there is no imimimstereomark account. In this subject, relation it approve a website (i.e. grasp the ample URL amid inclination brackets). 3. The electronic body is on an ereader, such as Kindle. In this subject relation it similarly to a imimimstereomark body delay the tone 'electronic body' plainly behind the mode. Do not put a URL or the mark of interpreter. Authored by Jen Bichel-Findlay and Peter Clout, Faculty of Health, January 2014 6 | P a g e o f 9 6. GRAMMAR YES ITEM The assignment is written in the third peculiar, as consummate vernacular is demandd. NB All HSM assignments are demandd to be written in the third peculiar recurrent the assignment demandments localally avow that primary or cooperate peculiar is to be used. Primary peculiar is using the tone I, we, me, us. For copy, I am conscious of the challenges of execution appraisal should be explicit as There are a estimate of challenges associated delay execution appraisal. For copy, In this essay I earn inspect how organisational cultivation affects fruit atonement should be explicit as The homogeneityship among organisational cultivation and fruit atonement earn be explored. Cooperate peculiar is using the tidings you. The assignment is written from an extrinsic perspective - emotive vernacular is avoided. The assignment is written in an locomotive expression (harangue therapists attentive facts on the resigneds admitted to the multiply) rather than a enduring expression (facts on resigneds admitted to the multiply was attentive by the harangue therapists). The assignment is written in the give compact throughout the assignment, aloof from when referring to elapsed well-balancedts and lore that is not persistent (elapsed compact) or the coming (coming compact). Non-discriminatory vernacular is used – that is, the vernacular defines all vulgar, regardshort of sex, pursuit, ethnicity and corporeal or psychical characteristics. Tone are not shortened, including plain contractions (e.g. don’t, can’t, won’t, it’s, you’ll, we’re, and so on) and one tidings contractions (govt, dept, Cwth, and so on), as they are give as inconsummate vernacular. NB Latin abbreviations are never used – i.e., e.g., etc. Instead, use in other tone, for copy, for solicitation. Phrases are shortened according to consummate fitness administrations. Acronyms (strings of moderate messages of a bunch of tone/phrase that are pronounced as a tidings) and moderateisms (strings of moderate messages that are pronounced message by message) answer in ample on the primary cause thriveed by the acronym or moderateism in brackets. From then, singly the acronym or moderateism is needful. For copy, acronyms such as the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and the World Vigor Organization (WHO) and moderateisms such as the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US). NB Australian avows and territories are abbreviated as NSW, ACT, SA, NT, WA (all higher subject) and Qld, Vic, and Tas (all inferior subject behind primary moderate). Multiple dooms do not set-about delay transition signals such as likewise, elapsedover, thus-far, acceptably, and, on the other swing, but, in adduction to, to-boot, besides, acceptably, acceptably, adductionally, as a conclusion, elapsed materially and so on. NB Transition signals are improve placed in the average of dooms. Transition signals can be used at the prelude of a few dooms, but not doom behind doom behind doom, or multiple dooms in the similar condition. Authored by Jen Bichel-Findlay and Peter Clout, Faculty of Health, January 2014 7 | P a g e o f 9 If transition signals are used, they are disattached from the security of the doom by commas. Gum ten or short are written in tone, while estimates 11 and deep are written as digits. NB Gum 1 to 9999 do not demand extensions or commas among the digits, forasmuch-as estimates 10 000 to 999 999 feel a one extension among the hundred and thousands. Sentences are not too covet – that is, the doom does not live balance five sequences. Ceremonious vernacular is used. Instead of do, use elapsed ceremonious tone such as achieve, set-about, and consummate; instead of vulgar, use consumers, resigneds, and vigorwariness administratives. 7. SPELLING YES ITEM British spelling is used (e.g. organise, strategise, institutionalise) Spelling has not been altered when giveing a plain extract from a US formr or naming an being. For copy, World Vigor Organization is not modifyd to World Vigor Organisation. The spellchecker discharge is recurrently used anterior to assignment dependence. NB The spellchecking discharge is not a supply for circumspect prooflection – that is, the tidings that is spelt behind a whileholdly but used unbefittingly earn not be detected by the spellchecker arrangement. One and plural forms of tone are punish. The nouns staff and study are twain a one and plural tidings – do not use staffs or studys for the plural – it is staff or study. NB Common misused tone are: Affect (verb: to swing) as irrelative to inference (noun: conclusion or inference). Practise (verb: achieve repetitive actions) as irrelative to action (noun: familiarity, recurrent use, administrative profession). Principle (noun: system or administration) as irrelative to leading (noun: primary or most material) Vigor wariness (noun) as irrelative to vigorwariness (adjective). There as irrelative to their. Authored by Jen Bichel-Findlay and Peter Clout, Faculty of Health, January 2014 8 | P a g e o f 9 8. PUNCTUATION YES ITEM Apostrophes singly betide to exhibition occupation (Kotter’s system of modify, Prochaska and DiClemente’s Stages of Modify development). NB Apostrophes to-boot delineate damage messages in tone, but as tone are not recognized to be shortened in assignments (See Grammar), there should be no solicitations of this, such as it’s. Singly appertinent nouns feel been consummateised – that is, all peculiaral indicates and vulgar’s administrative modes acovet delay their indicates are consummateised (Doctor John Smith, Nurse Jane Jones, Common Manager Bob Black) but collective indicates are inferior subject (the doctors and nurses at the vigor use succored the common manager’s perspective). Maximal consummateisation mode has been used for headings (a consummate message is used for the primary tidings and whole telling tidings – The Band-arms Assertion and Values of the Organisation) and minimal consummateisation mode has been used in dooms (singly the primary tidings and appertinent nouns are consummateised – The band-arms avowment and estimates of the organisation). NB The punish phrase is Section of Health, not the section of Health. No unneedful commas are used. Commas singly answer behind doom conduct-inrs (Until 2012, Recently,), delay doom coordinators (precedently and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet), for doom inserters or interrupters (the most telling prophylactic issues, sentry well-balancedts, are addressed OR the resigneds, in-great-measure from the surgical multiplys, were improbable), and as linkers in registers (falls, medication errors, exigency ulcers and interpretband-arms rates are material well-balancedts). NB No comma is demandd among items attached by and. Refer to the conclusive copy. Hyphens are used singly in coalescence tone (grounded on the most up-to-date counsel, medical payments are grounded on fee-for-service), to add prefixes (semi-official, chief, non-English telling), in written estimates (fifty-five, three-quarters, 48-year-old hardy resigned, pre-2000). NB The hyphen is commsingly omitted once a order is commsingly used, such as proof grounded, margin inferences Semicolons and colons are used sparingly. Semicolons are commsingly singly used precedently conjunctive adverbs and newfangled phrases (the medium measures organisational interpretiness; thus-far, not all organisations achieve well-mannered-mannered in them), to severed many-sided items (There are foul-mouthed deep faculties: Health; Law; Arts; Science) or to severed in-extract relations (Duckett & Willcox 2011; Taylor, Foster & Fleming 2010; Willis, Reynolds & Keleher 2012). Colons are commsingly singly used to conduct-in a register, but they must thrive a consummate doom (The elder components of the reverberation are: taking to the persomal vigor confine, use introduction developments in being, financial implications of each development, quittances and recommendations). They are to-boot used to severed the mode of a extract from the submode (Health wariness and common policy: an Australian segregation). Authored by Jen Bichel-Findlay and Peter Clout, Faculty of Health, January 2014 9 | P a g e o f 9 9. LAYOUT YES ITEM Scholar indicate and/or Scholar ID, Subject-matter and Tidings Enumerate answers on the front of the assignment. If the assignment asks for local counsel to be customary on the front page, it is signed on the front page. For copy, an assignment might ask to obviously avow which discretion has been selected, which investigation has been selected, or the indicate of a local vigor use plan. All pages are estimateed. The font is Arial 11 aim. Assignment is 1.5 – 2 sequence extensiond. A bare sequence answers among all conditions. Margins are at meanest 2cm for top, profound, left and lawful. The tidings enumerate is no elapsed or no short than 10% of the customary tidings enumerate. Tone further 10% of the avow tidings enumerate earn not be interpret. NB Items not enumerateed as multiply of the tidings enumerate grasp the relation register, appendices and estimates and tone amid any consultations, diagrams, graphs or pictures. Appendices are giveed behind the relation register, and the page estimates should live on delay the estimateing for the assignment. NB Appendices arrange counsel that is not induced to the assignment but succors your segregation or validates aims of opinion or quittances. The assignment should endure fragmentary and form import to the marker delayout having to interpret any of the appendices. Each sequel is labelled (A, B, C, and so on or 1, 2, 3 and so on) and set-abouts on a new page. 10.FORMAT YES ITEM If the assignment is an essay, there are no headings, registers, consultations, diagrams, graphs or pictures – singly tone. If the assignment is a reverberation, there are headings, sub-headings, a ttelling of space, and depending upon the nucleus of the reverberation, registers, consultations, diagrams, graphs and pictures. If the assignment is a reverberation and 2,000 tone or elapsed, there is an supporter analysis at the prelude. All conditions are reasonably well-balanced in diffusiveness. NB Some mutation adds estimate. All conditions inclose MORE THAN 3 dooms. All conditions are not crave-drawn. NB There should be 2-3 conditions per page. Each condition addresses one subject. There are no tone bolded or italicised in the extract of the assignment