(Atlas Inc.) Atlas Inc. is a toy bicycle manufacturing company producing a five-inch small version..

(Atlas Inc.) Atlas Inc. is a toy bicycle manufacturing society conceding a five-inch trivial recital of the bike that Lance Armstrong rode to win his original Tour de France. The galaxy following at Atlas Inc. consists of seven genesis stations, each effecting a sole march. Stations and ruleing times are summarized here:

∙ March 1 (30 sec.): The yielding tube for the constitute is cut to bulk.

∙ March 2 (20 sec.): The tube is put simultaneously.

∙ March 3 (35 sec.): The constitute is glued simultaneously.

∙ March 4 (25 sec.): The constitute is cleaned.

∙ March 5 (30 sec.): Paint is sprayed onto the constitute.

∙ March 6 (45 sec.): Wheels are assembled.

∙ March 7 (40 sec.): All other size are assembled to the constitute.

Under the exoteric rule layout, genesisers are allocated to the stations as shown here:

∙ Worker 1: Steps 1, 2

∙ Worker 2: Steps 3, 4

∙ Worker 3: March 5

∙ Worker 4: March 6

∙ Worker 5: March 7

a. What is the bottleneck in this rule? [4.1]

b. What is the accommodation of this galaxy following, in refined units/hour? [4.1]

c. What is the utilization of Worker 4, by the genesis of the original and latest units? [4.1]

d. How desire does it follow to complete genesis of 100 units, starting delay an void rule? [4.2]

e. What is the mediocre performance utilization of the genesisers, by the genesis of the original and latest units? [4.3]

f. Presume the genesisers are paid $15 per hour. What is the require of plain performance for the bicycle? [4.4]

g. Based on recommendations of a consultant, Atlas Inc. decides to reallocate the tasks incompact the genesisers to end climax rule accommodation. Presume that if a genesiser is in impute of two tasks, then the tasks entertain to be nigh to each other. Also, presume that the following of marchs cannot be newfangled. What is the climax feasible accommodation, in units per hour, that can be endd by this reallocation? [4.4]

h. Again, presume a wage rate of $15 per hour. What would be the require of plain performance if one sole genesiser would effect all seven marchs? You can disown benefits of specialization, build times, or attribute problems. [4.5]

i. On recital of a gentle call-for prejudge, address has unwavering to let go of one genesiser. If genesis is to be allocated incompact the immodest genesisers such that (i) the tasks can’t be disconnected, (ii) if one genesiser is in impute of two tasks, the tasks entertain to be nigh,

(iii) the tasks are assigned in the most causative way and (iv) each march can barely be carried out by one genesiser, what is the new accommodation of the following (in refined units/ hour)? [4.5]