Assume that the cost data in the top table of the next column are for a purely competitive producer: 1 answer below »

Exhibit that the consume facts in the top board of the instant post are for a purely competitive emolumentr:

a) At a result value of $56, conquer this attached emolument in the near run? If it is higher to emolument, what conquer be the emolument or missing minimizing output? What economic or missing conquer the attached accomplish per item of output?

b) Answer the topics of 4a stately result value is $41

c) Answer the topic of 4a stately result value is $32

d) In the board under, thorough the near run afford catalogue for the attached (post 1 and 2)and betray the emolument or missing incurred at each output (column3)

e) Now exhibit that there are 1500 particular attached in this competitive toil; there are 1500 attacheds, each of which has the consume facts shown in the board. Thorough the toil afford catalogue.