Assignment Title : Role and responsibilities of paediatric and child health nurse Word Count : 1000. 1 answer below »

  • Assignment Title: Role and responsibilities of paediatric and cadet vigor nurse
  • Word Count: 1000
  • Deadline: 11 PM
  • Referencing Style: Harvard
  • Number of References: 6

PFA and PFB the requirements of the student:


This toll relates to the continuity topics 1 to 3 and asks you to transcribe an essay on the granted Template and response the subjoined scrutiny.

Discuss the role and responsibilities of a Paediatric and a Cadet Vigor Nurse. What role do these nurses resemble in maintenance cadetren impregnable?"

Objectives assessed

Explain the role of the Registered Nurse in family-centered care

Appraise strategies calculated to thwart or minimize coming vigor issues using a framework of vigor encouragement, description, impregnablety and facilitate management

Apply familiarity of the cultural demands, hues and expectations of infants, cadetren and adolescent vulgar and their families among a constitutional and incorporeal framework

Requirements for completing the assignment

1. You must foundation your response by in citation referencing and using divert instrument from twain the continuity and your own lore. (Custom proclamation 2014, Custom citation work for Vigor of Infants, Outcome and Adolescent People, 2nd Ed, Peculiar Frenches Forrest Australia, Sydney.)

2. The assignment prolixity is 1000 language

3. The essay must conceive an Introduction (100words) main organization (800words) and omission (100 language)

4. Lore articles used must be 2006 and aloft.

5. Relevant Nurse Competencies and mandatory frameworks must be conceived in your response (NMBA-NURSING MIDWIFERY BOARD OF AUSTRALIA.

6. A perfect regard roll obtain demand to be immovable to the end of your toll template.(Harvard referencing mode)

Comments from tutors:

1. This assignment relates to Paediatric and Cadet Vigor Nurses caring for cadetren 0-16 years of age.

2. The assignment asks simply for "Child Impregnable Environments", relating to detecting and reporting on omission and cadet abuse. You are NOT required to argue cadethood impregnablety in commendations to helmets, choking or impregnable snooze.

3. Please argue maintenance cadetren impregnable from 0-16 years of age and not exact encircling infants

4. Please be known that Assignment 1 is to be written in the third peculiar. Please be known that assignments are constantly in the third peculiar normal formal in the continuity draft.

5. Please be safe to use divert reading for your assignment

6.Typing format Arial 11 and header, footer, and sides 2.5 immeasurableness and 1.0 immeasurableness betwixt the lines.

7. Please bring-about safe anything as per aloft requirements.

it requires at meanest 5-6 commendations and Harvard referencing Unisa mode