Assignment 3—Mini review of the literature Mode of submission Online via FLO Graded Weighting: 50%.. 1 answer below »

Assignment 3—Mini criticism of the reading

Mode of meekness Online via FLO


Weighting: 50%

Length: 2500-3000 articulation (plus a compendium board)

Due date: Monday of week 12 by 11.00 am

The gratuity of the mini criticism of the reading are to:

• Build on the experience and skills gained for and from assignments 1 and 2

• Extend the student’s skills in locating, analysing, summarising, synthesising and

critiquing illustration for experience

• Understand how illustration can be used and applied to emend nursing experience

• Develop the student’s force to use the illustration to fashion recommendations for

clinical experience and learning

To transcribe the paper

• Students demand to puzzle a clinical nursing inquiry or believe of a clinical nursing upshot

they are animated in.

• Students must then dispose 10 original studies touching to their clinical upshot.

Students may use the original sources they used for assignment 2 if they desire.

• Students are required to analyse, summarise and synthesise the findings of those 10

studies, and perception the con-over designs. They obtain then be required to develop

recommendations for advenient experience and learning grounded on the con-over findings.

• Students obtain be shown how to fabricate a crucial compendium board during one of the

lectures and in arrange. A compendium board is used to relieve after a while analysing, summarising,

synthesising and critiquing con-over findings, and must be submitted as separate of

assignment 3.

• The marking rubric for this assignment obtain be conducive on FLO.

My separated mini criticism inquiry is:

How the registered nurses tend in preventing malnutrition in hospitalised ancient patients?


Author/s (Year)



Sample/ setting

Design/ methods

Main findings

Strengths and limitations of the con-over