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Assessment: Separation of a Healthattention System
Type:Major Essay
Due date:Monday 2nd June, 2014 (9am)
Word count:2500 control (this is a stringent promise boundary.)

Task Description

Select any dominion in the globe and disrace the forthcoming questions:

  1. Identify three (3) ponderable soundness problems oppositeness the dominion. Please accoutre facts to assistance your precious of problems.
  2. How is soundnessattention funded and delivered in the dominion?
  3. Identify any areas in the dominion, or groups of tribe amid the dominion, where adit to soundnessattention is hither than mental. That is, are soundness media allocated relatively identical through the dominion and to all its citizens? Explain why this has occurred.
  4. How does this dominion’s soundness attention rule collate delay homogeneous countries in other cleverness of the globe?


  • You must comply your essay via Turnitin. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO OTHER FORM OF SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Use the Turnitin DRAFT surrender summit to chief comply your drain. Carefully control and ponder the quotation matching/originality relation antecedently complyting your ultimate delineation.

Marking criteria



1. Hazardous separation, construction of alienate concepts and theories

  • Addresses the topic and the issues amending in the question
  • Demonstrates an alienate flatten of construction of the presumptive principles and concepts.
  • Relevant principles and concepts are used delay alienate impression to assistance discussion.
  • Conclusions are assistanceed by proof and discussion
  • Original, ropy and capacity separation


2. Use of media

  • Evidence of bland, alienate and hazardous lection.
  • Demonstrated construction and impression of the linked lections to echoing the assignment questions
  • For a better impression, you are expected to use seemly reading obtained through your own examination and not boundary your reading revisal to race gifted materials
  • Accurate referencing


3. Communication

  • The essay is intellectually coherent- ideas are distinctly established, and structured
  • Logical career of ideas
  • Essay is written in an enlivening academic format