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Application: Property Measures

"The gold appraise for defining property extent offscourings Donabedian's three-element standard of edifice, manner, and fruit" (Varkey, p. 30).

Although this standard of property extent may devote to all kinds of clinical prevention facilities, you achieve nucleus on hospitals for this assignment so that you can shape use of axioms on the CMS's "Hospital Compare" Web position. Using this Web position, you achieve investigate property knowledge for a detail hospital, and persuade some basic benchmarking segregation.

To make-ready for this Application:

  • Visit the Hospital Assimilate Web position:


    • Click on the links at the top titled "learn environing the new form of our Hospital Assimilate Measures" and reconsideration them briefly.
  • On the top left there is another tap titled "About Hospital Assimilate Data" that Shows knowledge on Manner of Prevention Measures, Fruit of Prevention Measures, and Outunrepining Imaging Teachableness Measures.
  • As you attend this knowledge, cause to will the six compass of property: Safety, competency, unrepining-centeredness, promptitude, teachableness, and equity. Search...through trudge 3.
  • For the purposes of this assignment, go end to the 1st page and choice a hospital by either entering the zip decree for the hospital or the spectry of the hospital. When you've produced that and clicked on Show Hospitals, you should entertain hospitals that you can assimilate. Flourish the directions to reconsideration Unrepining Inspect Results (HCAHPS inspect results), Timely and Effective Prevention or Readmissions, Complications and Deaths.
  • Consider which forms are most misapply to assimilate for benchmarking purposes. Use the Hospital Assimilate webposition and assimilate your leading hospital's axioms after a while axioms from another hospital – either one in the similar area or one resisting the avow, as you reckon misapply.
  • After comparing the axioms, assess which appraises you reckon are of the principal institution and in insufficiency of amendment in your leading/original hospital. What is your rationale for this toll? Choice two or three appraises to nucleus on for this assignment. Attend which compass of property they describe to (safety, competency, unrepining-centeredness, promptitude, teachableness, and/or equity).
  • Review this week's Learning Resources, new the hospital's Web position, and attend what other trudges you would seize to get a clearer represent of these property issues.

The Assignment

Write a 1- to 2-page Nursing Dissertation that addresses the flourishing:

  • Identify the leading hospital you entertain choiceed.
  • Identify the appraises you entertain chosen to nucleus on (those that are most in insufficiency of amendment or that inadequately undertake consideration). Assimilate and opposition the characteristics of edifice, manner, and fruit appraises, and clear-up which mode or categories your chosen appraise describes to. Also, specify the compass of property after a while which these appraises are associated.
  • Briefly incorporate the axioms, including your benchmarking segregation.
  • Analyze the benefits and challenges of outside reported appraises for heartiness prevention providers and for unrepinings. Also, clear-up why benchmarking can be adapted for identifying areas for amendment.

  • Your written assignments must flourish APA guidelines. Be trusting to foundation your employment after a while local citations from this week's Learning Resources and from affixed versed sources as misapply. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to entrusting that your in-text citations and allusion inventory are chasten.
  • Required resources:
  • Article: Hughes, R., & Clancy, C. (2009). AHRQ commentary: Nurses' role in unrepining protection. Journal of Nursing Prevention Quality, 24(1), 1–4. Retrieved from
    Read the undiminished period on the nurse's role in unrepining protection, but pay detail consideration to the "Measurement, Research, and Science" minority.
  • Article: Harrington, L. (2009, April). Hardwiring nursing property. Nurse Leader, 7(2), 44-46. Retrieved from
    This period addresses the weight of "hardwiring" nursing-sensitive property indicators into the amelioration and practices of heartiness prevention introduction.
  • Web Article: SQUIRE (Standards for Property Amendment Reporting Excellence). (n.d.) SQUIRE guidelines. Retrieved from
    In provision for the Discussion, investigate the sundry areas of this Web position; be trusting to unravel the SQUIRE Guidelines and investigate provisions in the elucidator as certain.
  • Web Article: The Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High Act Heartiness System. (2008). Why not the best? Results from a common scorecard on U.S. heartiness order act. Retrieved from
    The Common Scorecard includes 37 indicators in five compass of heartiness order act: heartinessy lives, property, vestibule, teachableness, and equity.
  • Web Article: The Commonwealth Fund. (2009). State axioms center. Retrieved from
    Investigate your avow's act (or choice a avow of share to you).
  • Web Article: The Joint Commission. (2010). NQF endorsed nursing-sensitive prevention act appraises. Retrieved from
    This position provides an overview of the Common Property Forum (NQF) Endorsed Nursing Sensitive Prevention Act Measures. Be trusting to unravel the "Introduction and Background" minority.
  • Web Article: U. S. Department of Heartiness and Human Services (n.d.). Hospital assimilate: A property hireling supposing by Medicare. Retrieved from
    Use this Web position to exhaustive this week's Application Assignment.