Application: Literature Review Read one of the articles listed below based on the topic of…

  • Application: Literature Review
    Read one of the subscription scheduleed adown installed on the theme of elaboration you selected in Week 1.

    Childhood diabetes
    Cammarata, C., Meyer, K. J., Geffken, G., Felipe, D., et al. (2009). Psychosocial issues that concern branchish-person delay diabetes. American Journal of Heartiness Education, 40(5), 277–281. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
    Alcohol use in adolescents
    Chuang, Y.-C., Ennett, S. T., Bauman, K. E., & Foshee, V. A. (2009). Relationships of adolescents' perceptions of parental and fellow behaviors delay cigarette and alcohol use in divergent neighborhood contexts. Journal of Young-person and Adolescence, 38, 1388–1398. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
    Skin cancer in branchish women
    Pettijohn, T. F., , II, Pettijohn, T. F., & Geschke, K. S. (2009). Changes in sun tanning attitudes and behaviors of U.S. academy students from 1995 to 2005. College Student Journal, 43(1), 161–165. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
    Cardiovascular distemper in the youngster population
    Graham-Garcia, J., Raines, T. L., Andrews, J. O.,, & Mensah, G. A. (2001). Race, ethnicity, and geography: Disparities in core distemper in women of falsification. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 12, 56–67. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
    Childhood immunizations
    Findley, S. E., Irigoyen, M., Sanchez, M., Stockwell, M. S., et al. (2008). Effectiveness of a class composition for decorous branch vaccination rates in New York City. American Journal of Public Health, 98, 1959–1962. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
    Long-term economy for patients delay Alzheimer's distemper
    McClendon, M. J, Smyth, K. A., & Neundorfer, M. M. (2006). Long-term-economy importation and action of substances delay Alzheimer's distemper. The Journals of Gerontology , 61B(4), 220-227. (see your week 2 resources area to estimate the name).
    Cultural application of posttraumatic emphasis disorder
    Nayback, A.-M. (2008). Heartiness disparities in soldierly veterans delay PTSD: Influential sociocultural factors. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Heartiness Services, 46(6), 43–51. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
    Privacy delay electronic heartiness records
    Dimitropoulos, L., & Rizk, S. (2009). A state-installed way to seclusion and pledge for interoperable heartiness knowledge remodel. Health Affairs, 28, 428–434. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

    To complete this Application Assignment, transcribe a 2- to 4-page Nursing essay correspondent the subjoined investigations:
    Abstract and Citation

    • Did the heading succor in identifying whether the name would pertain to your elaboration theme? Why?
    • Does the immaterial obviously digest the deep features of the name? How?

    Research Question

    • Is the elaboration whole not-difficult to unity? Digest the elaboration whole.
    • What is the unfair elaboration investigation substance asked?
    • Is the name after a whilehold to the elaboration investigation you open? Why or why not?


    • Was the name a chief or induced commencement?


    • How numerous regards does it involve?
    • Are the regards after a whilehold and floating for your elaboration theme? Why or why not?


    • What is the worthiest perspective of the name? In other vote, is it from the aim of estimate of an conductor, heartiness economy procurer, heartiness economy deliverer, politician, elaborationer, or tutor?
    • Is the name well-organized and sufficiently unfair for delicate separation? Procure an sample.
    • Describe the different sections of the name. Does it supervene the type philosophical process? Why or why not?

    Study Findings

    • Do the consider findings show to be firm? Why or why not?
    • Does the name procure suggestions for concomitant elaboration? Delight teach.

    Your written assignments must supervene APA guidelines. Be enduring to living your composition delay unfair citations from this week's Learning Resources and concomitant well-informed commencements as after a whilehold. Refer to the Pocket Guide to APA Style to enenduring your in-text citations and regard schedule are punish.

  • delight put it in apa format citation

  • in week I cull this themeResearch whole proposal: Childhood Diabetes delight composition delay this theme cheer you