(Apparel Retailing) A large catalog retailer of fashion apparel reported $100,000,000 in revenues…

(Apparel Retailing) A ample catalog retailer of ceremony raiment reported $100,000,000 in revenues balance the ultimate year. On middle, balance the corresponding year, the crew had $5,000,000 rate of schedule in their warehouses. Exhibit that units in schedule are valued domiciled on consume of goods sold (COGS) and that the retailer has a 100 percent markup on all products.

a. How sundry times each year does the retailer incline its schedule? [2.4]

b. The crew uses a 40 percent per year consume of schedule. That is, for the provisionally circumstance that one ace of $100 COGS would sit correspondently one year in schedule, the crew reckoning itself a $40 schedule consume. What is the schedule consume for a $30 (COGS) ace? You may exhibit that schedule inclines are defiant of the charge.