Analyze the “Angel of Death” case study on page 215 and submit a 1-2 page case analysis supported… 1 answer below »

Analyze the “Angel of Death” circumstance examine on page 215 and resign a 1-2 page circumstance separation cheered by scrutiny delay a reserve of 3 well-informed sources in APA format.

Case: Angel of Death

Richard Angelo, an Eagle Scout and intentional fireman, gained generally-known heed as the angel of release. He was a registered nurse on the cardiac/intensive solicitude item at a Long Island Hospital, where he destroyed patients by injecting them delay the offal Pavulon.
Angelo was nevertheless convicted of two numbers of rotten coolness destroy (second-degree destroy), one number of second-degree manslaughter, one number of criminally negligent homicide, and six numbers of attack delay regard to five of the patients and was sentenced to 61 years to duration.
Angelo had committed the destroys in bizarre plot to reanimate the patients and be cogitation of as a model. The counsel for the property of one of the alleged victims had filed a wrong release subserve counter Angelo and the hospital a day anteriorly the judgment was rendered by the jury.

Ethical and Allowable Issues
1. Discuss the divine and allowable issues and values that were violated in this circumstance.
2. Discuss what steps a hospital should capture to intercept such events.