After you create a line type sparkline, what option should you select to display dots for each data.

 After you produce a continuity symbol sparkline, what discretion should you fine to evince dots for each facts summit?

 (a) High Point

 (b) Negative Point

 (c) Sparkcontinuity Color

 (d) Markers

Q41. You own a abundant factsset that obtain sculpture on several pages. You nonproduction to fix that connected history sculpture on the identical page delay shaft and row labels discernible and that trustworthy counsel is not sculptureed. You should direct all of the aftercited page setup discretions exclude which one to accomplish this operation?

(a) Set a sculpture area.

(b) Sculpture titles.

(c) Adjust page breaks.

(d) Modify the sculpture page adjust.

Q42. You are agoing delay a abundant worksheet. Your row headings are in shaft A. Which direct(s) should be used to see the row headings and the far counsel in shafts X, Y, and Z?

 (a) Freeze Panes direct

(b) Hide Rows direct

 (c) New Window direct and cascade the windows

 (d) Split Rows direct

Q43. Which proposition is not a recommended guidecontinuity for designing and creating an Excel board?

(a) Avoid naming two rooms delay the identical designate.

 (b) Fix that no bare shafts incongruous facts shafts within the board.

 (c) Leave one bare row among history in the board.

 (d) Include room designates on the earliest row of the board.

Q44. Which of the aftercited characters are wildcards in Excel? (Check all that direct.)

 (a) *

 (b) #

 (c) ?

(d) $

Q45. What should you do to fix that history in a board are matchless?

(a) Do nothing; a close infer probably exists to keep identical history.

 (b) Use the Remove Duplicates direct.

 (c) Look at each row yourself and manually delete counterfeit records.

 (d) Find the counterfeit history and modify some of the facts to be incongruous.

Q46. Which Conditional Formatting administration is best helpful to direct formatting to the top five values in a order of values?

(a) Above Average

 (b) Greater Than

(c) Top 10 Items

 (d) Among

Q47. Which end clarify discretion enables you to limit the view to solely ends that take-place in March of 2018?

 (a) Equals

 (b) Before

 (c) After

(d) Between

 Q48. Which of the aftercited is an absolute structured reference?

 (a) =[Purchase_Price]-[Down_Payment]

 (b) =Sales[Purchase_Price]-Sales[Down_Payment]

(c) =Purchase_Price-Down_Payment

 (d) =[Sales]Purchase_Price-[Sales]Down_Payment

Q49. Which of the aftercited is not an whole function that can be applied in a sum row?

 (a) MAX


 (c) COUNT