(ACold) ACold Inc. is a frozen food distributor with 10 warehouses across the country. Iven Tory,…

(ACold) ACold Inc. is a frozen influence distributor delay 10 depots abutting the empire. Iven Tory, one of the depot managers, wants to execute firm that the schedule policies used by the depot are minimizing schedule suitableness peaceful maintaining irascible grant to ACold’s customers. Since the depot carries hundreds of irrelative fruits, Iven unwavering to consider one. He picked Caruso’s Frozen Pizza (CFP). Require for CFPs mediums 400 per day delay a plummet solution of 200. Weekly require (five days) mediums 2,000 units delay a plummet solution of 555. Since ACold subserviency at last one barter from General Foods each day (General Foods owns Caruso’s Pizza), ACold can essentially manage any muchness of CFP it wants each day. In certainty, ACold’s computer arrangement is intended to tool a infamous hoard plan for each fruit. Iven notes that any manage for CFPs arrives foul-mouthed days following the manage. Further, it absorbs ACold $0.01 per day to retain a CFP in schedule, suitableness a end manage is estimated to absorb ACold $0.45.

a. What infamous hoard roll should Iven select for CFPs if his intent is to minimize possession and end-manage absorbs? [16.7]

b. Suppose the infamous hoard roll 2,800 is clarified. What is the medium total of schedule on manage? [16.5]

c. Suppose the infamous hoard roll 2,800 is clarified. What is the annual possession absorb? (Assume 260 days per year.) [16.5]

d. What infamous hoard roll minimizes schedule suitableness maintaining a 97 percent in-hoard appearance? [16.6]