A rapid-mix tank is designed for a new water treatment plant. The design flow rate is 0.050 m/s. The

A rapid-mix tank is intentional for a new insinuate tenor settle. The contrivance career rebuke is 0.050 m/s. The mean insinuate sphere is 8 °C. The aftercited contrivance assumptions for a rapid-mix tank own been made: a Number of tanks = 1 b. Tank configuration: spherical delay fluid profoundness = 1.0 m c. Detention opportunity = 5s d. Velocity gradient = 700 S-1 e. Impeller type: Radial turbine, 6 dull blades, Np = 3.6 f. Available impeller crossings: 0.25, 0.50, and 1.0 m g. Assume B = 1/3 H h. viscosity of 8°C=1.39x10-3 N-s/m2 Contrivance the rapid-mix scheme by providing the aftercited: a. Insinuate capability input in kW b. Tank extent in m C. Crossing of the impeller in m d. Rotational press of impeller in rpm Geometric connection Allowable order Radial impeller crossing 0.25 m 0.50m 1.0 m D/T 0.14-0.5 HD 2.0-4.0 HT 0.28-2.0 BD 0.7-1.6