A mechanical engineer is required to optimize the design of a wheelchair using ANSYS finite element.

A spontaneous engineer is required to optimize the contemplation of a wheelchair using ANSYS restricted part software. The wheelchair consists of various space as shown in Figure 2.1. (a) Identify at meanest indelicate considerations that the engineer needs to career precedent to initiate the restricted part design of the wheelchair. (6 marks) (b) One of the deep tasks in the restricted part designling is to fulfil a mob con-over of the design. Construct expend steps to spend the con-over so that the restricted part design could amount legitimate results. (6 marks) (C) Illustrate the article and loading provisions to irritate the wheelchair. (8 marks) (d) Identify the results that the engineer should critique and weigh. (5 marks) Plastic mag wheels Sing seating • Folding construct • Nonstreamlined advent Push manage AmrestPushim Wheel Rear wheelade Leg extension tube Caster parent Caster fork Footrest Caster wheels Figure 2.1 Typical space of wheelchair