A local police office wants to create a rule that if an officer pulls over a person for exceeding…

 A topical police appointment wants to compose a administration that if an dignitary pulls aggravate a idiosyncratic for ample the urge word by at meanest five miles per hour or if that idiosyncratic has two or further urgeing violations on chronicles, the appointmentr accomplish keen the urgeer the higher of $200 or $50 for each mile aggravate the urge word. Otherwise, the keen is $45. The urge word is entered in cell B5, the idiosyncratic’s urge is entered in cell B10, and the idiosyncratic’s compute of previous tickets is entered in cell B11. What exercise derives the correct answer?

 (a) =IF(AND(B10>B5,B11>=2),200,45)

(b) =IF(AND(B10-B5>=5,B11=5,B11>=2),MAX(200, (B10-B5)*50),45)

© =IF(OR(B10-B5>=5,B11>=2),MAX(200, (B10-B5)*50),45)

 (d) =IF(OR(B10>B5,B11>=2),MAX(200,50),45)