7.6 Exercise

7.6 Table EX 7.6 depicts the mediocre RN minutes needed on a daily foundation in sundry parts. T&ELfi trX 7.S SURG MED OB/GYN 7,000 8,000 8,500 9,000 7,500 6,500 TAgLE EX 7.? Departments RN Minutes LPN Minutes NA Minutes - a. Assuming an g5 percent. utilization smooth and that anything else is faithful, how abundant RN FTEs should be compensated to convince the enduring carsdemand in each part? b. The FTEs compensated for SURc, MED, pED, and OB/GYN are scheduted for eight_hour shifts on a 5/40 intention, and they accomplish get ten holidays, six valetudinarian days, and tifteen remunerated holiday days per year. How does this instruction attea your. nfsi' c' The FTES compensated for the rcu and ccu are to be schedured for ten-hour sh irts on a 4/40 intention, and rcu and ccu nurses get the identical benefits as do other part nurses. How does this instruction favor your FTEs?