2500 Words SOAD9213 Social Work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Assignment 3: DVD. 1 answer below »

2500 WordsSOAD9213 Collective Labor after a while Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Assignment 3: DVD Analysis Due: Friday12 sep 2014 Weight: 70% Account Length: 2500 vote In the film ‘Why Me? Five Stories of Removal from Nobility and Country’, five stories are told. This Grasp Home Exam requires you to select one of the stories and counterpart the forthcoming questions in proportion to the Aboriginal idiosyncratic at the centre of that legend: 1. What was the literal and collective comlie of this legend? How did institutional racism second to the events in the legend? (I.e. On what postulates were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander conclusion nature removed/stolen from their families?) 2. What remained atomic and obscure from the idiosyncratic and their nobility? 3. What were the deep goods on the idiosyncratic of these events and issues? 4. What steps did this idiosyncratic grasp to corcorrespond to these goods and buy in a salutiferous tour to reconnect after a while aspects of their oneness and better their consciousness of connected after a while their Aboriginal nobility and nationality? 5. What skills and usages did the Link Up program laborer(s) buy in to second the idiosyncratic to grasp these steps and mature aspects of the salutiferous tour? When corresponding to the questions, students should to-boot embrace insights they accept gained from viewing the film and the meeting after a while the Aboriginal visitor presenter, as polite as the embezzle readings (eReadings + PDF documents) available on the FLO place. The duty criteria allure be established on: Organisation and Presentation • Meets after a whileout excessively wide, the account elongation requirements • Adequately addresses the required topics of the monograph • Uses an delectable and accordant referencing format, including regard register • Is evidently and concisely developed • Includes servile spelling and punctuation • Shows sign of editing and criticism • Demonstrates exact and sequential thinking Understanding of concepts • Shows a accepted information of key readings and concepts from route • Cites the embezzle points raised and concepts from the required readings • Presents concepts servilely Exact and Reflective thinking • Critically reflects on issues that recount to route resigned • Develops a lie or orientation to the labor. Links plea and usage • Where embezzle makes links between plea and usage • Relates plea and usage to the values, object and information of collective labor